MIPetersen is a consulting firm focused on improving business performance using proven Business Intelligence (BI) techniques. MIPetersen is a vendor neutral firm aiming to help businesses make better fact-based decisions using the data they already have. A heavy up-front investment is not required to begin a BI program nor is it required to purchase a data warehousing solution from database providers like Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM. Organizations need to have the desire to improve and the understanding that BI will improve their overall business. Several options exist in the marketplace from open source BI solutions to software-as-a-service and there is no better time than right now to take advantage of these offerings.

MIPetersen Consulting is Brad Petersen, a Business Intelligence professional with over ten years experience in nearly every aspect of BI and Data Warehousing. According to Thomas Davenport’s definition I am an analytical semi-professional which basically means that I’m a numbers geek – not a stats nerd. I have practical statistics experience from my time as a 6 Sigma Black Belt and I’m able to create simple models using regression analysis. I am not a Data Scientist, I do not have a PhD in Physics, and I do not know how to use complex statistical methods like stochastic processes. I am a business analyst with a quantitative orientation, an MBA, and a Business Intelligence certification in Business Analytics. My specialty is applying analytics to business problems and relaying the benefits of analytics to the organization.

Please email me using the quick contact form below if you would like assistance implementing or improving the BI program in your organization.