Analytical Semi-Professional

Analytical semi-professionals are responsible for applying the models and algorithms developed by professionals. The majority of financial and marketing analysts are semi-pros. They may be sophisticated analysts in their own right, and may develop applications on occasion, but their primary role is to apply analytics to business problems. They are experts in data collection, interpretation, and use.  Semi-pros are adept at working with analytical applications, visual tools for information analysis, and “what-if” tools, including marketing workbenches and models for financial planning, pricing or forecasting sales. They are the primary users of statistical software packages, such as SAS or SPSS, or enterprise systems like SAP. At the interface between analytics and the rest of the business, semi-pros need to be able to translate the results of analyses and the benefits of analytics into layperson’s language. Some semipros are primarily business analysts, such as MBAs with quantitative  orientations.

Courtesy of Accenture – Counting on Analytical Talent